Mr. L.K.Pradhan
Head – Technical Training
Wockhardt Ltd.

This is indeed a very good development and thanks to the initiative taken by all in this regard. Such collaborative efforts will indeed go a long way in making the “skilling” and “employability” a reality for many of our brothers and sisters.

Looking forward to the help and support from all in making this journey a fulfilling one for all the stake holders, especially the students. Thanks to Muthu and team Eka for taking the initiative in this regard.
Mr.Tojo Jose
Chairman – Skill Development Panel of Confederation of Indian Industry
Executive Vice-President and Head–HR Blue Star Airconditioning

I have always received good service from Eka Academy. The Firewalk and glasswalk programme on women’s day was commendable.

Their motivational training has always met my expectations and everything is communicated in a professional and timely manner.
Mr. Imran Khan
L&D Head – Tata Capitals India Ltd.
Thane, Maharashtra

We consider the Eka team a development partner who has proven to be creative in problem resolution, reliable in time commitments, and overall consistent in meeting our expectations.
Mr. Sameer Hassan
L&D Head – DBS
I came across Eka Academy while working with GPI to train our front-line sales on sales call effectiveness. Since the module was our own therefore, the trainers needed to internalize the module and coach the team leaders while working on-job with the feet-on-street (salesmen) in multi-locations. The challenge was immense and complex due to number of salesmen, their age, work schedule, market conditions, locational constraints and the training process itself demanded more from trainers with evaluation of training effectiveness.
We were glad to chose Eka Academy because amongst many that we interacted with in our search for training partner, they were the ones with a commited team of trainers having real life experience into FMCG set-up.
What I really liked was Eka’s commitment to cause, seeking feedback, providing valuable inputs to help us train the team till every TL and each salesmen were thorough with the process to implement. The sales team was enthused and energised during this work-with session and they implemented the module in the field. This resulted in volume growth in categories that were either static or degrowing.
I can say, my experience with Eka is par excellence because of their commitment, ability and willingness to turn-around a complex task into a doable thing.
I wish them success and want them to continue doing what they do so well.
Captain Muthu Krishnan Iyyappan has conducted “ToTTer” program for our Technical Managers at our factory. It is different and effective in true sense where even the weakest person gets changed within 3 days to be a reasonably good trainer. Captain Muthu has an unique ability to get connected with each participant’s mind and almost develops skills and competency required for training within a very short time. I highly appreciate his ability to be very effective in practical aspects which matters most.
I highly recommend Captain Muthu and Eka Academy for training for people for any organization where quick results are desired.