OD Assessment & Competency Mapping

Eka Academy has some of the finest professionals in Organisational Development whose expertise lies identifying, understanding and implementing OD interventions depending on the specific requirements & life stage of the organization. Some typical assignments include-

Establishing Competencies, Dimensions & Behaviors in line with the organizational vision & values
Measurement tools for Behavior and Competencies
Conducting Assessment Centers & Development Centers
Building a Competency Toolkit training for assessors, frontline managers and senior management
Setting up Performance Management & Performance Appraisal systems
Sharing best practices from a HR perspective
Building an induction organizer/manual for growing organization
Helping in unifying the management trainee batch or new entrants in the client organization
Getting employees to buy into the brand values and cultural nuances of the client and help in assimilating new and existing staff into the organizational      culture of the client organization
Setting practices to harness the developmental potential and leadership capabilities of key staff at the client organization
Help build a robust critical mass of future leaders at the client organization
Creating a talent pool for the client organization to leverage on in future years
Potential management & development
HR Audit