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Fire walk
The Fire Walk is a bespoke programme from Eka Academy. The Fire Walk is a unique programme in which participants walk on Fire, this activity is conducted by Eka Academy under trained experts and medics. The objective of the programme is to help the participants overcome their fear of failure and impossibility and to teach them that nothing is impossible.

Classroom Training
In traditional approach to training, the instructor leads the class to understand the inticracies of the module being trained above. Here, training is conducted where the students and facilitator interact in a real, physical classroom. In “Instructor-led Training (ILT)” method, although there is an instructor, it could still take place over the internet. Eka’s expertise here is second to none – with over 50% of our trainings being classroom based ILT’s. Does your organization require us – check our bespoke programs and email us at

Blended Learning
Eka understands that in today’s highly competitive world – you just cant be a master of one trade, you need to be a jack of all trades. Along with the regular fare of instructor led trainings and web based / Computer based trainings, we also specialize in the blended approach to learning and training. We take learning seriously – and what better way to evaluate learning – than through a blended approach.
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Leadership team and Advisory board
Eka’s exemplary leadership team is next to none. With mentors who have created unbelievably viable brands, some even mentoring other entreprenual ventures (including the President of TiE). Leaders with proven track records in the Armed forces – with impeccable and enviable careers behind their grey hair – we have strong support and discipline advocated from this segment.

Our advisers have extensive work experience with several organizations including Landmark, Crosswords, Godrej Industries, Tata Motors, Indian Army, CII (Confederation of Indian Indusries), UTI, SEBI and a highly respected professor from IIM Ahmedabad amongst others.
*The names of the advisers have been withheld until the MoU for 2013-14 is signed, and an update to this page will be made hence.

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